Shapes sizes - problem feet large wide narrow small feet

our custom made shoes are made for each of your feet individually on your personal last

at Adler shoes, the seize or shape of your fee is of no consequence since each of our shoes is made by hand on your individual last

custom made shoes
handmade by ADLER online shoemakers USA

Even if your feet are different sizes, let’s say one foot would require a size 10 and the other a size 1 DD you will find that each of our shoes is tailored to each foot and fits perfectly.
at ADLER custom shoes our customer’s feet range from very small to very large and even extremely large sizes, from very narrow, to very wide feet.


all leather handmade custom shoes for hammer toes,bunions,flat feet,sunken arches,problem feet,extra large feet,small feet, extra wide feet, custom made shoes handmade leather custom shoes

at ADLER custom shoes we have customers with so called "problem feet" who may have hammer toes, bunions or any other problem which made any normal footwear purchase a virtually unsolvable task.

At ADLER custom shoes, our foot casts give a hundred percent replica of your feet and we make the custom shoes to fit and of course aim to disguise as much as possible, any unusual shapes.

custom made shoes handmade on your personal last

custom made shoes not every custom made shoes custom model may be suitable for every foot shape custom made shoes

Some of our Italian custom made shoes may not be suitable for every customer

even with custom made shoes a customer with very short and wide feet for example must understand that the outcome may differ from the model as pictured in our online shop. This would be especially the case if he would order a model like our Rome or Astrato, both are very pointed Italian designer shoes/boots. We can add some additional length to the custom made shoes, but there are limits even to custom made shoes.

In our custom made shoes orthopedic department you will also find a range of specialized custom add-ons like for example diabetic padding, roll-off support for customers who may have had an ankle joint fixed in place due to illness or accident or if you have a medical condition requiring balance support etc..

custom made shoes handmade
by ADLER online shoemakers


custom made shoes balance control can be very useful for stroke sufferers and other ailments all leather custom made shoes USA

extra wide sole custom made shoes for balance support custom shoes

Basically, at ADLER custom made shoes we do not know any problem feet since each and every one of our custom shoes is custom made from scratch on your last, allowing to accommodate any and all shapes and sizes.

ADLER custom made shoes where bunions - hammer toes - serpentine feet - unequal sizes - very high instep - very small feet - very large feet or any other fact considered a problem by others is not a problem when you come to ADLER onine shoemakers for your own custom made shoes and ultimate comfort