The Santa Fe

Adler custom made shoes
Santa Fe custom Western boots
authentic Western boots handmade by ADLER custom made shoes & boots USA for a perfect fit
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custom Western boots

custom Western or Cowboy boots in Buffalo leather by adler online USA

custom Western or Cowboy boots
in Buffalo leather

truly authentic

authentic custom Western Boots

If you are looking for genuine handmade, custom Western Boots without any frills and as close as possible to the real thing, our Santa Fe will fullfill all your needs. This model is as close to the original as possible, except for the highly comfortable soft leather lining we use and perfect stitching and of course the perfect fit only custom made boots can provide. Our Model Santa Fee was worn by some famous actors in a number of movies and they wouldn't give them back to props after ....


custom Western boots handmade Cowboy boots by our master boot-makers

usa custom made american heacy duty boots usa new york
custom Western boots handmade Cowboy boots authentic style by ADLER


custom handmade Western or Cowboy boots by adler online USA

custom made western boots by adler online usa new york nyc handmade wester boots

The Santa Fee
authentic custom Western boots
handmade cowboy boots on your personal last - Our casting set for  boots guarantees a perfect fit of foot and shaft


ADLER online for quality, comfort & style in custom Western Boots

From 1860 to 1890, cowboys drove cattle from Texas to Kansas. They wore Wellingtons and variations. The tall tops of the boots protected your legs; the cuban style heels kept your feet in the stirrups. The cowboy boot's original design elements were suited to the horseback rider, including the rounded or pointed toe that makes it easy to insert the foot into a stirrup and the slick sole that allows the boot to slip free when dismounting.

Riding boots had been a part of equestrian life for centuries. Until the industrial age, boots were individually handmade in many different styles, depending on culture. Early cowboy boot designs, along with other cowboy accoutrements, were also heavily influenced by the vaquero tradition imported from Spain to the Americas, dating back to the early 16th century. Military boots designed for cavalry riders also had an influence

custom handmade western cowboy boots usa by adler shoes online

Design: custom handmade Western boots
Style: authentic Western style
Upper: all Leather - Classic oiled Buffalo hide
Leather / Colour: see selection above
Sole: hand welted pit cured Leather sole with solid Leather heel